Yaron Shmerkin



Yaron Smerkin 

is a Ukraine born Jewelry Designer based in Israel. He studied Jewelry Design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Yaron’s favorite design technique is 3D printing. Yaron Shmerkin defines his work as ‘Bioimimetic Art’, -the science that studies nature as a source of inspiration and also refers to new and innovative technologies, simultaneously combining avant-garde and futurism. His statement through his designs is that God is in the detail. He always believes that attention paid to small things has big rewards, and every piece he designs has an amazing world that surrounds it.




Yaron uses nature and architecture as an inspiration, and the combination of this with innovative technologies leads him to create ‘Bioimimetic Art’. Through this combination he is able to find new textures, shapes and elements to reconnect the designs into his surroundings. Using nature as an inspiration for the aesthetic component is the benefit in his designs. Yaron always had a passion for drawing and sketching, and this was mostly in the abstract form. Over the years, the abstract sketches transformed into more architectural forms until he was finally able to define his passion as a desire to design small architectural pieces with tiny details for the human body. Yaron’s designs are a kind of escape into a virtual world where he can imagine him self at a smaller scale walking into a world of shapes and forms.


Working process

The Jewelry design journey starts with a simple conversation between Yaron and the customer leading to a couple of sentences and sketches on a piece of paper. Each person has his own tune, and this tune is the tool that Yaron starts to work with. The first sketches stay very far behind after he starts working. They could be recognized only by a similar line, this line is the only connection for the conversation that he has with the customer from the beginning of the process. This is where the magic happens; the 3D software provides Yaron with an incredible tool of rewinding and preserving other option of the sketches that will lead to a state of the art creation.